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BtLux is the world’s first entity digital economy token trading platform, committed to providing safe, convenient, professional and efficient digital asset trading services for users worldwide through the industry’s top blockchain technology and financial-level risk control system, and at the same time for traditional high-quality entities going digitalization, provide a full range of digital asset circulation services, create a pioneer in the field of digital economy, and promote the development of the world’s digital economy.

The core members of the BtLux exchange team are from top international blockchain and internet companies, and they have rich experience in blockchain technology development and exchange operations. The platform has been online for 9 months and has developed rapidly, covering more than 900,000 users in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and has an excellent reputation in Europe and Southeast Asia.

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Part I – Overarching Principles

The Overarching Principles are for a range of cryptoasset businesses/actors e.g. token issuers, comparison/rating websites, trading platforms, asset custody, di ...

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