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The world of finance is changing. Up to 90% of markets are managed by bots and run by investment banks and hedge funds, leaving the guy or girl on the street with few tools to compete.

Learning to trade manually is difficult and time consuming and the relative knowledge of professional and hobbyist investors is very different, and so is their access to opportunities.

For the typical millennial the easiest opportunities left on the market are to invest in passive investment funds or to buy and hold.

Coinrule lets you automate your investments across multiple platforms to protect your funds and catch the next great market opportunity – algorithmic trading without having to learn a single line of code.

Coinrule is a smarter system for trading because it adds automation across 10+ investment platforms. Best of all: it’s educational and gamified, neatly packaged and ready to deliver our mission for financial inclusion by giving people the tools to compete in a new world of trading.

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Part I – Overarching Principles

The Overarching Principles are for a range of cryptoasset businesses/actors e.g. token issuers, comparison/rating websites, trading platforms, asset custody, di ...

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Part III – Principles for Token Platforms

Additional Principles for Token Trading Platforms. These principles need to be read in conjunction with the Overarching Principles.

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Part IV – Principles for Funds and Fund Managers

Additional Principles for Funds and Fund Managers. These principles should be read in conjunction with the Overarching Principles.

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Part X – Principles of Market Integrity

Additional Principles for Market Integrity. These additional principles must be read in conjunction with the Overarching Principles and the GDF Taxonomy.

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