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Our mission is to provide every person in the world access to stable currency, in order to avert the intense humanitarian hardship that comes from hyperinflation. We are working to rebuild financial services in societies that are traumatized and stressed by decades of wealth destruction from high inflation and ongoing currency devaluation.

Today Reserve offers the opportunity to save, spend, and receive money through the Reserve app and a stable currency, the Reserve Dollar (RSV), which is a cryptocurrency that maintains 1-to-1 parity with the US dollar.

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Part I – Overarching Principles

The Overarching Principles are for a range of cryptoasset businesses/actors e.g. token issuers, comparison/rating websites, trading platforms, asset custody, di ...

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Part II – Principles for Token Sales

Additional Principles for Token Sales and Token Sale Service Providers. These principles need to be read in conjunction with the Overarching Principles.

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