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Voltamond SA

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Voltamond SA is a Switzerland based company with the purpose of the development of technologies to provide energy solutions in a blockchain industry.

We propose a blockchain-based NDB Ecosystem that facilitates trading, tracking, and paying energy in new ways – among peers and with personal devices, utility providers, and other stakeholders and components.

NDB Ecosystem promotes and facilitates energy-related projects that aim to improve the efficiency of energy generation, transmission, exchange, and consumption, with a particular focus on energy generation in a decentral manner, close to the location of consumption.

Two types of tokens will be issued to gain access to the NDB Hub-operated ecosystem – and to make use of the multiple products and services it intends to create: the NDB token and the Volt token. As a dual token system, NDB and Volt tokens are interconnected and interchangeable with one another, whereas the NDB token provides access to the system and its utilities overall, the Volt token operates on a more granular level as a means of compensation for many of the NDB Ecosystem’s services.

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