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The AI Regulation Summit

While the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to society, including the business community, are enormous, there has been a great deal of focus recently on how best AI models should be regulated to avoid any potential adverse consequences.City & Financial Global’s timely global summit on this subject brings together some of the foremost experts to consider the various regulatory approaches that are being adopted internationally, the key legal issues involved in AI and how regulation can be coordinated at a supranational level to avoid regulatory arbitrage.
The key themes to be discussed this year are-
  • Understanding the risks that will need to be regulated as AI technology develops Setting the scene
  • Regulating AI in the financial services industry
  • The U.S. Strategy for regulating AI
  • The EU AI Regulation and the outlook for the futureThe Chinese perspective on how AI should be regulated
  • The need for a global AI regulator
  • Data privacy and AI
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