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Company Biography

CryptoCompare provides real-time data feeds and alternative data sets aggregated across the digital asset ecosystem as well as producing indices and reference rates.
Location: United Kingdom
Founded Date: 2014
Legal Structure: Limited Company
Legal Name: Crypto Coin Comparison LTD
Organisation Type:
  • Market Data Provider
  • Portfolio Monitoring Service
  • Rating / Comparison Service
  • Research / Analysis Firm
Is Regulated: No
Regulatory Authorities: N/A
Authorised Signatory: Charles Hayter, CEO
Code Self-Attestation:

The Adopting Entity confirms that it has read and agreed to voluntarily comply with the overarching goals and principles of GDF and the Adopting Entity will ensure that it has internal processes in place (subject to any disclosures referred to in this application) to ensure proper adherence and compliance to the Code and its chosen Part(s) by the Adopting Entity and its employees. The Adopting Entity acknowledges that GDF will not be responsible for supervising compliance with the Code by Adopting Entity. The Adopting Entity also acknowledges that GDF reserves the right to withdraw the registration of the Adopting Entity in accordance with GDF procedure, as described in the GDF by-laws (available upon request).

Codes Attested To:
  • Part I: Introduction and Overarching Principles
  • Part V: Principles for Token Comparison and Rating Websites
Date of Attestation: 29 April 19

In the event your entity is not fully compliant with any clause within the Codes of Conduct to which you are attesting, disclosures provide the opportunity to describe the current nature of non-compliance, the steps you are currently undertaking to resolve this, and the estimated date any non-compliance will be resolved.

Disclosures: N/A

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