Regulatory and Policy

Our Co-Regulatory approach calls for further engagement between agencies and industry to drive global, digital innovation, with meaningful compliance in mind.

Through roundtable events, responding to regulatory consultations with membership, or the closed-forum Regulators’ Knowledge Series, our team of regulatory experts create forums for engagement between industry and global agencies.

The GDF Regulatory Team leads industry-agency engagement in roundtable discussions, with regulators as observers. These will usually be in partnership with a specific agency, and in response to an ongoing consultation feedback process.

Roundtable Output

GDF Members Convened In October 2020 To Discuss What Holds DeFi Back, The Regulatory Challenges, And Convergence Of CeFi And DeFi. Read The Report Here. …
On 9 November 2021, Global Digital Finance (GDF) Chaired A Roundtable Discussion On The Topic Of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) And Policy Considerations …