Regulatory and Policy

Our Co-Regulatory approach calls for further engagement between agencies and industry to drive global, digital innovation, with meaningful compliance in mind.

Through roundtable events, responding to regulatory consultations with membership, or the closed-forum Regulators’ Knowledge Series, our team of regulatory experts create forums for engagement between industry and global agencies.

The Regulators’ Only Forum is a closed loop session where participants meet on a quarterly basis to discuss global regulatory developments on crypto and digital assets. Up to 35 different regulators, policymakers, and supranationals participate in the forum. As well as sharing their latest developments, GDF delivers the executive update from the community, including the latest output from the GDF Working Groups.

The Regulators’ Knowledge Series was borne out of the Regulators’ Only Forum to provide insight on key priorities and trending topics. Participants of the Forum are invited to a closed loop session in which a panel of industry experts presents on a given topic, be that DeFi, shared market surveillance, or standards for financial institutions. The purpose of this forum is to be educational, and the audience participants are able to ask specific questions.

This forum is only open to Regulators and Policymakers.

Shared Market Surveillance Knowledge Series

GFIC Knowledge Series