Codes, Standards & Networks


GDF is a space for industry leaders who see the value of collaboration and coopetition in advancing the adoption of digital finance. Through the GDF working groups, GDF members are working on industry solutions not only through industry standards, but also in the development of networks.


FinP2P, an institutional digital securities network, is the primary output of the Private Markets Digitization Steering Group, led by GDF Patron Member, Ownera.

FinP2P is a proposal for a digital security network specification, which would be open to all regulated institutions; multi-vendor; ledger agnostic, and have open interfaces.

FinP2P shows how institutions issuing assets on one ledger platform can reach investors on a completely different venue. It also orchestrates transactions such that assets on one platform can be paid for with digital cash issued elsewhere – all with instant settlement and transfer of ownership.

Through 2021, extensions to the API specifications were published to support secondary trading and collateralization of assets. This unlocks the ability to pledge digital securities as collateral for lending and borrowing, opening up the world of DeFi to regulated institutions at a global scale.

Throughout 2022, multiple working group members have been working on projects that will see the FinP2P open source protocol being used in production. These projects encompass the issuance of multiple types of assets including pre-IPO companies, money market funds, institutional real-estate companies, and private equity funds. We will also look to develop and consolidate the governance structure of the network in 2022.

The group is setting up a FinP2P Node agreement with GDF, setting out the rights, obligations, and registration of members to the network.