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The Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS) was founded on 30 May 2014 and is a fully registered society with the Registry of Societies under the Ministry of Home Affairs. ACCESS members represent a spectrum of businesses within the Singapore cryptocurrency and blockchain space and abide by a Code of Conduct. ACCESS believe in the transformative potential of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology called blockchain. With responsible use and proper regulatory support, ACCESS see digital currency applications and distributed ledgers benefiting everyone.

ACCESS aims to foster an open and clear dialogue between Singapore cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses and larger society, including regulators. In doing so, ACCESS also aims to provide a united public voice and platform for the Singapore cryptocurrency and blockchain community, allowing better engagement with private as well as governmental entities.

ACCESS supports the efforts of their members by partnering with other organizations to promote our members interests across multiple industries.

ACCESS is a Partner of GDF.

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