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Steptoe & Johnson


Steptoe is among the leaders in the evolving legal and regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies, crypto-assets, and blockchain technology. The firm’s multidisciplinary, global practice features an unrivaled combination of regulatory and compliance, commodities and derivatives, tax law and policy, and government and policy experience. Steptoe advises individuals and entities on the suite of legal and regulatory issues from a currency, commodities and derivatives, and securities law perspective.

Steptoe also has experience on the taxation implications for a range of crypto-related activities including trading, investing, creating and issuing tokens, and digitizing assets.

Steptoe helped create and serves as counsel to the Blockchain Alliance. The firm also serves as the legal services partner of the Global Blockchain Business Council, an advisor to industry-leading advocacy groups Coin Center and the Chamber of Digital Commerce, and to many of the industry’s most prominent companies.

Steptoe & Johnson sits on the GDF Advisory Council.

Key Contacts

Lisa Zarlenga

co-chair of tax group

Steptoe & Johnson

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