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Proof of Talk: Where the Pulse of Web3 Meets the Spirit of Davos


Proof of Talk is back for it’s second year and GDF are delighted to be onboard as a partner again.  Proof of Talk is being recognized as the Davos of Web3, featuring top speakers and high-impact networking at the prestigious Museum of Decorative Arts in the Louvre Palace in Paris. It bridges traditional economic forums with the decentralized Web3 community, fostering deep connections and shaping the future of the decentralized economy.

Diverse Economic Convergence: Uniting top investors, innovators, policymakers, traditional economists, and blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe, PoT fosters a unique blend of perspectives and expertise.

Elite and Inclusive: Featuring over 100 of the most distinguished speakers from the blockchain event space, PoT boasts the most senior lineup, welcoming an elite yet diverse group of industry leaders to foster deep, meaningful connections.

High-Impact Networking: Offering networking opportunities that extend beyond conventional interactions, PoT enables meaningful collaborations between a wide array of economic actors, driving solutions for a decentralized future.

Prestigious Venue: Hosted in a location that reflects the summit’s dedication to excellence, PoT sets the stage for transformative experiences in a historic setting.

Platform for Change: More than an event, Proof of Talk serves as a pivotal forum for economic evolution, bridging the gap between traditional economic structures and the emerging decentralized Web3 space.

More on the agenda can be accessed here.