Digital Finance Forum

The GDF Digital Finance Forum is our bi-monthly fixture providing policy updates, overviews of the live global consultations, and updates providing the latest digital asset market data. GDF members and the wider financial services community are invited to join the discussion on the latest regulatory developments, key aspects of industry feedback on consultations, and hear presentations on institutional adoption, enforcement trends, and other current industry areas of focus.

The Digital Finance Forum is provided at two separate times. GDF will run a morning session at 8am BST | 15.00 HKT | 17.00 AEST, and an afternoon session at 15.00 BST | 16.00 CET | 10.00 EDT.

This forum is open to GDF members, regulators and policy makers, digital finance market participants, and the broader financial services community.

Download the Key Takeaways from Session 1