Crypto’s role in the climate change crisis is increasingly a focus for global regulators and policy makers. The ESG Working Group will kick off on Wednesday, 6 April 2022 to discuss the industry’s proactive approach to decarbonisation, and the development of best practice frameworks for helping meet  Net-Zero targets and adopting science-based pathways for the cryptoasset industry.

The group will focus on:

  • Furthering the industry’s commitment to improving the sector’s sustainability and decarbonisation
  • Developing a best practice framework for the adoption of Net-Zero targets and science-based pathways
  • Developing a best practice framework for the integration of all other relevant sustainability factors
  • Serving as a forum for industry collaboration on data sharing and reporting tools, and set a communications strategy for engagement with agencies on the role of crypto in the climate change crisis.

Working Group Chairs

Blake Goud

CEO, RFI Foundation