GDF/FIX Working Group: FIX – FinP2P Protocol Interoperability Alliance

GDF is partnering with the FIX Trading Community to launch a joint working group enabling a new initiative: The FIX – FinP2P Protocol Interoperability Alliance.

The Alliance is dedicated to enabling seamless messaging between traditional finance and digital securities, leveraging the strengths of the open-source FIX Protocol and FinP2P Tokenization interoperability protocol (governed under GDF). This initiative aims to modernize existing financial infrastructure to seamlessly interact with DLTs by facilitating interoperability across traditional financial systems and blockchain-based platforms.

You are invited to collaborate in this new joint working group to test the integration of a FIX-based trading system with a FinP2P router in a sandbox environment. The timeline and more detailed objectives are outlined in the presentation available below.

More information on the objectives and timeline available here

Register interest in the new GDF and FIX Trading Community Joint Working Group