Joint Working Group on InterVASP Messaging Standards (JWG-IVMS)

Global Digital Finance (GDF), OpenVASP, and XReg Consulting join forces to update the crypto industry data model standard IVMS101 and to develop further technical standards. Membership of the new working group within the GDF infrastructure will be open to all relevant technical experts.

A new interVASP Standards Working Group has been formed as an open Independent Working Group Node, under the auspices of GDF’s Open Standards Council, with Andrew Davidson of OpenVASP and Neil Samtani of VASPnet co-chairing the standards development.

The initial aim of the group was to maintain and further develop the existing IVMS101 standard. Following the original release of the data model and its subsequent broad adoption, feedback points from the community were received and some minor updates are now required. Further standards are then planned to create greater consistency and integrity within the crypto ecosystem.

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Since its opening plenary on May 31st, the new interVASP Standards Working Group (ISWG) met weekly, with proposals for revisions tabled, considered, revised and approved (or not) for inclusion to the revised Standard, IVMS101.2023.

IVMS101.2023 was ratified at the ISWG’s closing plenary in August 2023.

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