Shared Market Surveillance Working Group

This working group will develop shared surveillance data standards and frameworks for digital asset markets, necessary to address global regulatory concerns with cross-market manipulability of crypto assets. Shared market surveillance will empower demonstrably healthy crypto trading ecosystems clean from manipulation, address market integrity concerns, and enable significant regulated growth.

The group will aim to launch a pilot cross-market surveillance consortium with the involvement of leading crypto exchanges, market data providers and regulators.

Co Chairs:
Martin Bartlan, Partner & Global Fintech Co-Chair, DLA Piper
Alissa Ostrove, Chief of Staff, Crypto Compare
Kathy Kraninger, VP of Regulatory Affairs, Solidus Labs


Working Group Chairs

Martin Bartlam

Partner & Global Fintech Co-Chair

Alissa Ostrove

Chief of Staff CCData


Kathy Kraninger

VP of Regulatory Affairs

Solidus Labs