UK Policy and Regulatory Working Group

The working group for UK policy and regulation is being launched in 2024 to formulate the GDF community response to ongoing and upcoming consultations on the UK legal and regulatory framework for crypto and digital assets. The group convenes members’ input to engage with and influence the UK authorities as they develop policy and the regulatory framework continues to evolve. With the open consultations on the BoE and FCA Digital Securities Sandbox (DSS), anticipated further publications this year on stablecoins, custody and staking, and the eventual rolling out of a comprehensive regulatory framework for crypto and digital assets, this group will be a crucial part of GDF’s engagement on the UK’s future regulatory framework.

Aims of the group:

  • To respond to the relevant UK regulatory consultations as the framework continues to develop
  • To be a consistent and engaged industry group for discussions and feedback to the UK public sector
  • To provide a convening group for all GDF members interested in UK policy and regulatory developments

Working Group Chairs

Eva Sanchez

Chief Legal Officer


 Raphael Landesmann

Regulatory Counsel